Wednesday, January 7, 2009


First I want to tell everybody that this hack only supports CABAL PH and will be working on other servers soon

This hack is already tested and will be secured to those people who nags at E-games about this hack so that it won't be patched

With this hack you won't be needing downloadable files, Trojans viruses and PHP

all you have to do is to pay me from my tutorial service w/c cost 200m to 1b ALZ

the hack includes:

Skill level hack (faster skill leveling w/o any adept thingy or) - cost 200m Alz fee

Pass thru Walls (nice hack pass trhu mountains at BI or any objects in cabal) - 220m Alz

Speed Hack (faster movement speed and attack speed) - cost 500m Alz needed program Cheat
Engine only no more bypassers required

God Hack (Kill Zidgris Faello in just 3 hits!) - this one cost 1Billion Alz proven and tested even at Nation Wars!

PACKAGE DEAL- 1,300,000,000 Alz for all hacks and sure 10n1 Tutorial


---Jupiter--- perfectly working
---Mercury--- Speed hack still on bug and only last for 1hr
---Mars--- Wall hack still buggy error code detection
---Neptune--- God hack on process,,, Sorry for the inconvinience
---Saturn--- God hack still buggy dc every 50mins but we are currently working on it

transactions will be made at yahoo messenger

SERVICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 5pm to 10pm only and Sunday and Saturday 11 AM to 10PM

scammers not allowed!!!

LAST UPDATE 01/08/09